conciergeConcierge is the official guest magazine for Premier Hotels & Resorts, the perfect business or leisure destination for those travelling to the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Gauteng. Concierge endeavours to entertain, inform and engage guests staying at one of the Premier Hotels & Resorts. For more information on Concierge, visit

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Concierge Issue 10 - Mar-May 2019

In this issue:

Fashion Forward Travel Accessories
The Ultimate Powerhouse
Making the Best Use of Colour
Réunion Island, the Ultimate Holiday Destination
Always Summit Season
Everybody Needs a Little Vitamin Sea


Concierge Issue 9 - Dec-Feb 2019

In this issue:

The Gateway to the Wild 
The Multi-Talented Manager Exraordinaire 
Imparting Good-Food Skills
Prep for a Juicy Summer
The Unmistakable GoodLuck Vibe
The Real Form of Art

Concierge Issue 8 - Sep-Nov 2018

In this issue:

Midway to Everything
Bentayga to Uva Mira
A Midpoint for Everyone
Redecorating Your Bathroom for Beginners
Feast on Our Heritage
Is Binge-Watching Wrecking Your Immune System?

Concierge Issue 7 – Jun-Aug 2018

In this issue:

Richards Bay with a Corporate Edge
From Moutain Peaks to Oceans Deep
Millennials in the Workplace
The Art of Lexus
Technology and Ethics
In the Kitchen with Chef Trevor

Concierge Issue 6 – Mar-May 2018

In this issue:

The Heart of O.R. Tambo
Velar Visits the Veil
Madagascar Meandering
Landscaping by the Litre
Practicing Balance
Easter Escapes

Concierge Issue 5 – Dec-Feb 2018

In this issue:

Looking Hot
Maximising Metropolis Living
Smart Phones, Smarter Spies
Turning Business into Leisure
Boss versus Leader
Travel Budget with Buddies

Concierge Issue 4 – Sep-Nov 2017

In this issue:

Get the perfect workout gear with K-Way’s range of active wear
Discover why staying local is lekker
Gawk at the newly released Mercedes-Benz bakkie
Learn the true health risks of eating braai meat
Organise the right documents for your cross-border travels
Explore the social dynamics of the local workplace

Concierge Issue 3 – Jun-Aug 2017

In this issue:

Discover the wonders of the Zulu Kingdom
Feel like a celebrity at the Le Kap Lifestyle Show
Get the perfect layered look from Old Khaki this Winter
Learn the science behind your comfort food cravings
Peer into the future of transport
Book the perfect venue for your vows

Concierge Issue 2 – March-May 2017

In this Issue:

Africa's Own London
The Bentley Way
Making the Most of Mauritius
Winter Ready
Be on Point with Paint
East of the Norm

Concierge Issue 1 – Dec-Feb 2017

In this issue:
Escape to Knysna
Concorso at Como
Jamming With Majozi
Beach-Day Essentials
Creating Prime Dining Experiences
Tech Togs Taking Over


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