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logo waterWATER 360 adds value to 25 Degrees as a flip publication, addressing water management, technologies, design and cost effective water use in Africa.
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Water 360 Vol 3 Nr 6 2013

In this issue:

Walvis Bay continues water infrastructure overhaul
Specialist products used for leak detection system
Benefits of sewer mining outweigh
The future of water in South Africa
Green service centre for eThekwini
The walk has ended, but the journey continues


Water 360 Vol 3 Nr 5 2013

In this issue:

Battery-powered water meter
Sustainable solutions
A clear view water quality challenges
Bottled Water - The good, the bad and the misconceptions
Creating global partnerships for sustainable recycling
An innovative approach - water treatment technologies and solutions


Water 360 Vol 3 Nr 4 2013

In this issue:

From science to society: wastewater treatment solutions
New sanitation solutions
Going to waste – the reality of municipal wastewater treatment
Water, food and energy
Become part of a cleaner future
Electrochemically mediated seawater desalination


Water 360 Vol 3 Nr 3 2013

In this issue:

The real cost of metering
Solving SA’s wicked water problem
Mobile service giant curbs water wastage
New technology could help to treat acid mine drainage
It pays to reduce, reuse and recycle
SA business recognises the strategic value of water


Water 360 Vol 3 Nr 2 2013

In this issue:

A cool solution
Biological solutions for mines
Green bleaching technology
Doing more with less
Water standards: the value of auditing
Gearing up for change


Water 360 Vol 2 Nr 4 2012

In this issue:


Producing water out of thin air
Save water with rainwater and conservancy tanks
Managing water losses with software solution
Where are the water workers?
Increased water-storage infrastructure
Save water with rainwater and conservancy tanks


Water 360 Vol 3 Nr 1 2013

In this issue:


Environment solutions for wine industry
It’s time to come clean
Managing our most valuable resources
The rising challenge of water sustainability
SABMiller working towards zero-waste operations


Water 360 Vol 2 Nr 6 2012

In this issue:


Acid-mine drainage – Quo Vadis?
Collective action towards perceptible change
Identifying and overcoming the risks of fluid hammer
A viable solution to downstream pollution
Effective treatment for contaminated water
Can water be washed?


Water 360 Vol 2 Nr 5 2012

In this issue:


Farming for the future
Demonstration filtration system combines several technologies
A look into the history of a leader in temperature sensors
Specialist in carbon finance
Retaining wall for wastewater works
PWC reveals new water risks and challenges


Water 360 Vol 2 Nr 3 2012

In this issue:


How to find the right water treatment system for your company
Finding new ways to use plastics
Sustainable herbicides: the environmental impact
New modern boiler system installed in Nelspruit prison
Treating wastewater as a resource
Sanitation for the nation made easy


Water 360 Vol 2 Nr 2 2012

In this issue:


Highly effective solution to pavement drainage
Solutions for mine water
A silver lining around the dark cloud
Conservation group and fishermen tackle overfishing
Ocean policies to be inspired by award
South Africa’s water challenge


Water 360 Vol 2 Nr 1 2012

In this issue:


Growth in wastewater treatment predicted
Walk the talk: Solar water heaters to be donated to local communities
Recycling of plastics picks up in the last two years
From the system to the tap: a closer look at water safety and testing
Upgraded treatment plant helps boost water recycling
Intelligent water metering



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